About Us

The business in the modern world has been widespread and diversified. As business has become enormous in the modern world, life is becoming more complex. The situation today is such that we have stepped on the moon and set our footsteps in the space, however the fact is that we are moving away from our neighbors and acquaintances and those within out vicinity.

The technology has become so advanced and widespread that, it has bought the world in our palms. Today when the world is in our palm by means of a small device, we could find ourselves in unavoidable situations wherein we would find difficult in differentiating between the knowledge we possess and the information we receive/get, without ignoring the facts.

Hence, considering such a scenario in mind and to help solve all your problems and dilemmas, we have come up with a solution. It is our privilege to introduce you to our website which is a one stop solution to all your problems.

The Billava race is truly, one of the decisive society in every sector in the undivided district of Dakshina Kannada. We today have not only excelled in our primary occupation of agriculture, naturopathy, education etc, but also grown beyond all odds to establish ourselves in various fields.

However, all this information is not available in an organized and timely manner and unavailable in the time of need/emergency. To set all the necessary information under one roof and having all the information/date together as one structure without going back and forth in search of the required information is our motive/intention.

Hence, to make sure that we as a community come under one roof, get access to all the information and to cater to all our need and for the upliftment of the services to our society we have come up with the website which is called BTAL. 

Through this website we want to make sure that all the establishments of the Billava society get the benefits of diversified service plans from different sectors such as religious, educational, financial, business, political, cultural, medicinal, economic, social, arts etc..

Therefore, to promote and provide an easy access to all these details, we have designed and built this website.

  1. Religious Traditions:

The Billava community’s religious traditions/cultures include various Religious Institutions, Spiritual Centres, Temples, Various Monastery Branches, the Guru Peethas, Blessed Swamijis, Religious Clergy, Shraddhacentres, GudiGopuram,DaivaSanidhyas, Shree Kshetra, Garodi’s, DaivaChakariyavaru, Pathree’s, Guru Mandir’s, Vaastu consultants, Astrologers, Palm and Tarot readers.

  1. Educational field:

In the field of education the contribution of Billava society includes, primary schooling, graduation colleges, post graduation institutions, technical, medical, paramedical, paratechnical, training centres, coaching centres, exam preparation academies, professional institutions, the achievers in field of education, the top officials in different departments, resource persons, IAS, IPS, KAS, UPSC, doctors, lecturers, teachers, auditors, engineers etc.

  1. In the field of business:

One of the areas with enormous business strength is the business sector of the Billava Society.

In our society the entrepreneurs run various business such as production centres, hotels, bars and restaurants, residential/housing facilities for communities, industrial sectors, lodges, toddy shops, transportation, buses, tourist car facilities, travel agencies, grocery shops, mobile shops, textile/garment shops, medical shops, computers centres and dealers, battery shops, malls and complexes, spareparts, electrical shops, books stores, Photocopy/Xerox centres, Studios and photography, Tailors, welding, TV repairers, builders, gym and body building centres, steel and cement outlets, sand dealers, constructions, soundsystems, grill makers, goldsmiths, event management firms, catering business, tiffin services, solar system, plumbers, fruit and vegetable vendors/shops, cake shops, bakeries, flower vendors, jaggery manufacturing, oil and flour mills, fish and dry fish vendors, sports and art centres, real estate dealers, brokers, homestay, salons, beauticians etc.